Questions from a 3 year old – and other funny things

I know I do a lot of complaining about how hard life is these days… so I wanted to share some funnier moments from our adventures into parenthood.

Part of the joy in loving these three girls is getting to see all the ways they are growing and experiencing these moments together.  As Christmas approached I realized we have a special opportunity to share with them the real reason for the season.  So of course, we got a cute little nativity scene to help tell this story – and Veggie Tales because they speak “kid” better than this mama.  The girls have loved playing with the manger scene and naming the people in the story.  However, I wasn’t quite prepared for breakfast Sunday morning.

Saturday night my parents took the girlies to see Christmas lights and a drive through Bethlehem’s “Greatest Story Every Told” living nativity.  What they didn’t know was that the greatest story ever told included the crucifixion.   My mom warned me that the night had not gone quite as expected and ended up a bit traumatic.   I thought she was probably being overly sensitive until I got the scoop from Prissy at breakfast the next morning.

“Mommy!  They killed Baby Jesus!”

Yep, that’s what she remembered from the whole night.  Not the live donkeys, live sheep… just that somebody killed baby Jesus.

So later that day, when they were observing Nana’s fancy nativity scene and noticed that Baby Jesus was missing, they were frantic to find him.  Somebody killed baby Jesus!

Now, I’m looking for a new Veggie-Tales to help me out.  If anyone has suggestions on how to tell the Easter story, now’s the time to send them my way 🙂


Another funny thing.  As foster parents we get stuck in a lot of awkward situations.  It’s not anyone’s fault, it just happens casually as strangers with good intentions say things that you just can’t answer.

Like, did you carry them full term?  Well, not really… they kinda just showed up this way.

Or, which one is older?  Umm…this one, I think.  Really, by how many minutes?  Yeah, I don’t really know, I was just guessing.

Or – are they fraternal or identical?  Hmm…they look identical to me.  Can you tell them apart?

(this is not meant to single anyone out, we just laugh at ourselves)

Just the other night, Daddy put the girls in the wrong beds 🙂  It happens to the best of us!  When one girl woke up in the middle of the night distressed about being in the wrong bed, I asked him what happened.  “I don’t know.  When they’re both being nice to me I can’t tell them apart!”

Life really is funny.  We’re having loads of fun in between our sleepless nights.  These girls are treasures and I love our time with them.  If you ever want to laugh, just come hang out with us!

Remember that time I said I wasn’t having kids?   Yeah, that was funny too.