Christmas with Littles

There’s just too much excitement around here.  I cannot take it!  I love Christmas and all the anticipation that comes with it.  I believed in Santa Claus forever…because as long as you believe, he comes!

Well, Santa Claus looks a little different to me this year as a “mom” and I think it is safe to say this side is even more fun. For weeks as we have asked the twins what they want for Christmas they just gave answers like “pink” or “purple” but nothing specific.  So imagine my excitement when they finally said they wanted watches.  Sure, that’s easy, I picked up 2 Dora the Explorer watches that I ran across in the store.  Check. Done!

Then… the girls had a chance to sit on Jolly Ol’ St. Nick’s lap just hours after my purchase.  Fortunately, I overheard him tell them he would be bringing them Hello Kitty watches for Christmas.  What!?!   But I just bought Dora!    I grumbled under my breath to Daniel that Santa Claus was messing me up.   Not to worry. Later that day when the girls were being less than obedient Daniel took the opportunity to tell them they were only being good-enough for Dora watches… not Hello Kitty ones.   🙂                               (just so you know, I did end up ordering some Hello Kitty ones for Santa’s sake)

Another lesson I’ve learned is that presents do not belong under the tree.  Putting carefully wrapped presents under a tree is torture for 3 yr olds and you will not win the battle for self control.  Screams of excitement filled the house upon their discovery of 3 little presents carefully tied together, set aside for Christmas Eve.  It took about 45 seconds for them to convince themselves it was ok to go ahead and unwrap them.  I think the 45 second delay was only because they were all tied together.  Needless to say, there is nothing waiting under our tree.

Then, you have the element of surprise.  Three year olds can’t understand the element of surprise.  They have no secrets.  When Daniel showed them what he was giving me for Christmas, one at a time they each came to me and said “mommy, it’s a purse, Daddy said don’t tell.”    Well done girls. Well done.

Last night we took them to pick out presents for their mommy & daddy for today’s visits.  When they woke up this morning and saw the presents wrapped they were again filled with excitement and wanted to open them.  I reminded them that these were what they are giving their mom & dad… remember???   Oh yeah, but can we see what’s in them?   Then I reminded them what they had picked out but told them it is supposed to be a surprise, so don’t tell your mom and dad.   Prissy says, “just like your purse is a surprise?  We do not tell, it is a surprise.”  Yes girlie, exactly like that.  I can see we’re getting somewhere.  😉

Just one more week!   The anticipation is killing us!

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