Can we drink it?

I get so much credit for how beautiful our little girls are.  I just smile and say, I know! whenever anyone mentions it.  I think it’s easy to agree because I know I had absolutely nothing to do with it.  It’s just a God thing.  People that don’t know our story have no idea these aren’t our girls.  And sometimes, for just a moment, I can feel the same way.

It is so funny to watch their unique personalities develop and even funnier when I see how much they are like us.  Maybe it’s just me wanting to think they are like me… but there are plenty of times I also say – that’s definitely not my child 😉

I can’t help but smile when the twinsies stand in my bathroom, watching carefully each step of my morning routine to apply my make-up, put in my tic-tacs (contacts) and use my straightener (that’s hot, don’t touch!).  I remember being a little girl and watching my own mother apply her make-up, questioning each step, what is that?  What does it do?  When do I get to wear it?

Or what about the time that the girls were looking through my wedding album, asking tons of questions about our special day:  Why are you wearing a bedspread?  Why does Daniel look like that?  Whose car is that?  Where are you going?  When I told them we went on a “trip” for our honeymoon – Lord have mercy! –  they broke out in tears.  “Without me!?!  But I wanted to go!!!”     Girly, that was 10 years ago.  You were not even thought of yet.

But my favorite yet happened just the other day.  We were having lunch at a local place in my hometown that I always go to primarily because of their Ranch dressing.   {I am a self-admitted Ranch addict.}  When Prissy noticed me dipping my crackers in Ranch she wanted to know if it was good.  Well, of course it is good, don’t you like Ranch dressing?  Then she asked if she could try it.  So I carefully made her a little cup… (she’s a double dipper)… and much to her surprise, she loved it.  She looked at me and said  “Can we drink it?!”

I just smiled.  Sweet girl, you are my child.

3 thoughts on “Can we drink it?”

  1. Mama Rosa’s? That’s my step dad’s place and the only place Gray will eat ranch from! 🙂 I love your stories about these sweet girls!


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